Analysis and Design of LED Display Support Structure

With the event of multimedia expertise, LED digital show screens are extensively utilized in business shows, which produce good promoting results, and well-designed assist constructions for show screens can even grow to be lovely landscapes in city buildings. Mixed with the viewing distance necessities of the show display and the traits of the funding space, the construction sort design is often carried out based on the development web site and constructing necessities. The LED show is often arrange within the kind of an impartial flooring or an hooked up constructing (Determine 1, 2). For the assist constructions of totally different show varieties, the power traits must be precisely analyzed and the corresponding structural varieties must be chosen. This paper will classify and summarize the assist constructions of LED digital show screens, and suggest the scope of software of numerous assist construction schemes, design difficulties and corresponding options. Optimizing design schemes and development measures.

Display assist construction sort

1.1 Flooring assist construction

Flooring-mounted LED digital shows are principally arrange in metropolis squares or necessary site visitors intersections. The evaluation of the power traits of the supporting construction of the floor-standing show exhibits that the supporting construction ought to undertake an area metal truss construction. On the muse, 4 metal columns are mixed to kind an area lattice column. The higher half of the display physique adopts a multi-layer horizontal house truss construction, which cannot solely meet the structural power necessities, but additionally meet the setting of upkeep channels.

Binwang Highway, Yiwu Metropolis LED show display space The efficient measurement of the display is 13.4m×8.6m, which is a typical floor-standing assist construction, and the show assist construction system is shaped by lattice columns. The 4 predominant limbs of the metal lattice column are 300mm×300mm×10mm, the horizontal beams are 200mm×100mm×6mm, and the indirect internet bars are 100mm×100mm×6mm. Combining with the interior house of the lattice column, the entry for upkeep is ready; The again and aspect members of the physique undertake a metal truss construction, and the higher chord, decrease chord, and internet are all 100mm×100mm×6mm in measurement, and 6mm thick metal plates are laid on the higher half to fulfill the upkeep entry necessities. The muse is an impartial concrete basis. The assist construction is proven in Determine 3.

1.2 Wall-mounted assist construction

The density of city development is comparatively excessive, and just a few areas can meet the development circumstances of floor-to-ceiling show screens. The LED digital show display has the benefits of taking part in dynamic image commercials, and so on., and a big quantity of LED show screens should be constructed within the bustling business areas of the town. The answer to this contradiction is to construct a show display hooked up to an current constructing. In response to the development circumstances, renovation circumstances and constructing top of the constructing, the led show assist construction hooked up to the constructing is often divided right into a wall-mounted show assist construction and a roof-mounted show assist construction.

The assist construction of the wall-mounted show display is usually fastened to the listening floor of the principle construction 1 with a single-layer metal construction, and an inspection channel is ready inside. China Telecom Wenzhou Department South Station Constructing LED giant display challenge show 24.0mx13.4m, is a typical wall-mounted show assist construction, utilizing sq. metal pipe 160mm×160mm×6mm to kind a node system, and laying 6mm thick embossing on channel metal 14a The metal plate varieties the upkeep channel, and every node is anchored to the aspect of the body column of the principle construction by 6 M16 anchor bolts. The entrance elevation and aspect elevation of the challenge are proven in Determine 4.

1.3 Roof assist construction

In precise use, the wall-mounted LED digital show display will have an effect on the lighting of the constructing as a result of it occupies a big constructing facade, so the wall-mounted digital show display is just appropriate for big business buildings reminiscent of procuring malls. The LED digital show screens put in in workplace buildings and residential buildings with reasonable constructing heights can solely be designed on the highest of the constructing. Right now, the show display assist construction system must be categorized because the roof show display assist construction.

China Communications Providers Guangxi Firm’s show display assist construction is ready on the highest of the constructing, making full use of the unique predominant construction shear wall to arrange a metal lattice system. The beams and columns are all made of lattice elements to kind an area truss system with good stress state. The efficient measurement of the show display is 17.5mx8.0m. The 4 predominant limbs of the metal lattice column use a mouth of 100mm×100mm×5mm, the horizontal beams use a mouth of 100mm×100mm×5mm, and the diagonal rods use a mouth of 60mm×60mm×5mm, of which Horizontal beams and vertical beams kind a truss system to withstand lateral wind hundreds and earthquake hundreds. The nodes are anchored to the principle construction by 10 M12 bolts. The entrance elevation of the challenge is proven in Determine 5.

load motion

The ground-mounted, wall-mounted or roof-mounted LED digital shows must calculate everlasting hundreds, dwell hundreds, wind hundreds, snow hundreds, ice-wrapped hundreds, and earthquake hundreds. Amongst them, the everlasting load must be included within the self-weight load of the display, and the dwell load wants to contemplate the upkeep load concerned within the upkeep of the display physique. The load mixture issue shall meet the specification necessities.

The pure vibration interval of wall-mounted or roof-mounted show screens must be analyzed along side the principle construction. Normally, the pure vibration interval of the principle construction can be utilized for calculation, and the impression of excessive vibration modes on the roof-type assist construction could be analyzed. The calculation of wind load must be carried out based on the design and evaluation of the envelope construction, and the large-scale assist construction must be analyzed in depth based on the particular structural kind. The calculation of earthquake load ought to comprehensively take into account the two-way horizontal earthquake and vertical earthquake motion, and particularly take note of the evaluation of the affect of vertical earthquake motion beneath uncommon earthquakes for wall-mounted assist constructions.

As well as, the digital show display is supplied with an digital show unit. Lengthy-term lighting and different tools operations will convey an excessive amount of warmth, and inside warmth dissipation issues are liable to happen. There are a big quantity of energy traces contained in the assist construction, and issues reminiscent of line growing old are additionally Simple to trigger hearth. The assist construction of the show display ought to have enough resistance when such accidents happen, in order to not trigger steady collapse and injury. It’s essential to strengthen the design of key element assist nodes to enhance security reserves.

Structure choice

3.1 Flooring assist construction

The assist construction of the floor-standing digital show display bears the load of the higher display physique construction by the column linked to the muse, and could be analyzed and calculated based on the cantilever beam construction. The ground-standing assist construction often adopts a single-column or double-column plus beam construction, and different varieties could be mixed with architectural modeling to pick out an acceptable assist construction system. Concrete construction, metal pipe construction and lattice metal column can be utilized for column design, and metal construction varieties reminiscent of lattice beam can be utilized for beam. The muse sort choice must be decided based on the geological circumstances of the location, and the compression, pull, bending and overturning resistance calculations must be carried out. Mixed with the power traits of the cantilever construction, the important thing element of the ground assist construction is a vertical column design, and a secure and affordable part kind that meets the technological necessities is chosen.

Mixed with the traits of the development interval of the show display assist construction, the round metal column and lattice metal column part are chosen for evaluation, and the quantity of metal used beneath the identical stress and pressure circumstances is studied. The finite factor evaluation software program is used to ascertain the mannequin, the spherical metal column adopts ?1000×15, the 4 predominant limbs of the lattice metal column undertake the opening of 300mm×300mm×10mm, the horizontal beam adopts the opening of 200mm×100mm×6mm, and the indirect internet rod is 100mm ×100mm×6mm, based on the power traits of the cantilever construction, the load on the higher display is simplified to the highest of the column, and the finite factor evaluation is carried out on the 2 columns based on the simplified mannequin. The evaluation outcomes present that for the ground assist construction, the cylindrical part and the lattice part are good part varieties. Because of the want to take care of the digital show elements of the outside digital show display, it’s essential to arrange a passageway for folks. The lattice column could make full use of the lattice house to arrange the passageway for folks. weak level. When a round cross-section is required because of the panorama, native reinforcement remedy must be carried out for the superior half. When each cross-section varieties can meet the sensible and look necessities, lattice columns must be used first.

3.2 Wall-mounted assist construction

The wall-mounted assist construction is anchored to the aspect of the principle construction by metal nodes. Normally, body columns can be utilized to repair the nodes. When the node spacing can’t meet the necessities, body beams can be utilized as auxiliary fulcrum design positions. The beam members are fastened on the assist factors to kind a horizontal sheet construction system. This technique bears the wind load transmitted from the show display and serves as the upkeep channel to bear the upkeep load. It belongs to the principle stress system of the wall-mounted assist construction. The keels of the display physique are all organized on the horizontal sheet construction system. Normally, horizontal trusses can be utilized for this method. For programs with small node distances, part metal can be utilized immediately as beams, and steady beam schemes can be utilized for calculation fashions. The horizontal sheet structural system is the important thing element of the wall-mounted assist construction. Figures 6 and 7 research the stress-strain traits of two horizontal sheet-like structural programs. The axis spacing of the principle construction is 7500 mm, and no assist level could be set within the center of the upkeep platform set within the center of the ground. Subsequently, the utmost deformation level of this challenge happens within the center of the ground. In response to the deformation traits, two structural varieties are used for evaluation. The joint members all undertake the opening of 160mm×160mm×6mm, the only metal horizontal assist construction adopts the opening of 100mm×100mm×5mm, the chord of the composite truss horizontal assist construction adopts 50mm×50mm×4mm, and the indirect internet bar adopts the opening of 30mm×30mm×3mm.

When the overall mass of the supporting construction system is identical, the deformation of the composite truss construction with diagonal internet members is smaller than that of the composite truss construction with straight internet members. The outcomes present that the composite truss construction of the horizontal sheet construction system can successfully scale back the deformation of the assist construction, particularly when the space between the body axes is giant and the fulcrum can’t be repeatedly set within the center space, rising the density of the diagonal members can successfully scale back the deformation of the assist construction.

3.3 Roof assist construction

The roof-type assist construction must be designed together with the unique structural format of the roof. It is rather necessary to make full use of the unique predominant construction system to bear the load to optimize the roof-type assist construction system. Normally, numerous structural varieties reminiscent of aircraft truss, house truss or grid construction can be utilized together with the constructing form. The structural scheme is versatile and changeable, and finite factor evaluation software program can be utilized for modeling evaluation and calculation. In view of the traits of gentle metal on the roof, consideration must be paid to the particularity of the pure vibration interval and the whiplash impact. It’s advisable to conduct finite factor evaluation on the roof assist construction and the general mannequin of the constructing to check the stress-strain traits of the assist construction.

The roof-type assist construction belongs to the house construction system, and there are numerous varieties of connections between it and the principle construction, which should be decided based on the precise state of affairs on the high of the principle construction. The mechanical efficiency of totally different structural varieties may be very totally different. Solely through the use of the finite factor technique to research the mechanical state of the general house construction can a sensible design plan be obtained. Determine 8 is a grid construction shaped by combining the shear wall with the protruding web page of the principle construction of the precise challenge and the assist factors organized on the high of the decrease column. Metal girders use mixed double angle metal 2xL40x4, and diagonal internet bars use mixed double angle metal 2xL30x3.

The whole mass of the metal used is 13900kg, the stress on the root of the column member is the most important, and its worth is 133N/mm2, and the stress of the remaining of the members is just not better than 50N/mm2, and the utmost deformation within the aircraft is 3.08mm, which meets the deformation necessities. Determine 9 adopts the house truss construction system, and the members are all made of sq. metal pipes. Amongst them, the openings of the columns and transverse metal beams are 100mm×100mm×5mm, the openings of the secondary metal beams are 80mm×80mm×5mm, and the openings of the indirect webs are 60mm×60mm×4mm. The stress worth is 135N/mm2, the utmost deformation worth is 3.08mm, and the overall metal mass is 14100kg.

Evaluating the 2 construction varieties, it may be seen that the stress and pressure of the house truss construction system and the house truss construction system with the identical weight are comparable, and the consequences of the 2 construction programs are comparable. Contemplating elements reminiscent of development problem and upkeep comfort, the shape of house truss must be chosen for the roof assist construction.

Node evaluation

There are a big quantity of connection nodes within the show assist construction that makes use of metal elements as the principle element, and the correct design of the nodes is essential to the protection efficiency of the general construction. Growth bolts. The quantity of anchor bolts set on the basis nodes ought to meet the bearing capability necessities and be organized at equal intervals based on the precept of symmetry. The ground assist construction belongs to the cantilever construction system, and the stress on the root of the column is comparatively giant; the wall-mounted assist construction additionally belongs to the cantilever construction system, and holographic projection movie (More Material) (Extra Materials) the stress on the root of the node is comparatively giant. In response to the stress distribution traits of the joints linked with the muse and the principle construction, the optimized design of the joints on the root can successfully enhance the stress of the joints and scale back the quantity of metal. Determine 10 exhibits the optimized two varieties of root nodes.


(1) The supporting construction of the floor-standing show display belongs to the cantilever construction, and its column is the important thing element. In response to the stress-strain evaluation outcomes and the upkeep traits of the digital show display, the lattice cross part is most well-liked.

(2) The horizontal sheet construction system of the wall-mounted show display assist construction adopts the composite truss construction of diagonal webs, which is healthier than the composite truss construction of straight webs. When the axis of the principle construction is giant and the nodes can’t be set within the center space, the density of diagonal webs must be elevated.

(3) The assist construction of the roof-mounted show display can undertake the grid construction and the house truss construction system. The stress and pressure of the 2 structural programs are balanced. Contemplating the development problem and different features, the house truss system is most well-liked.

(4) The correct design of the assist construction nodes of the show display is essential to the protection of the general construction. The structural measures reminiscent of shear keys or cross stiffeners can successfully enhance the bearing capability of the nodes based on the traits of the big power on the root of the nodes.AQUA

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