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By shirleenfenbury Jun 10, 2024

If you ( or your child ): may not be viewing as well as before starting SABRIL, start traveling, encounter things, or are more awkward than typical Bookmarks, are shocked by things or people that seem to come in front of you suddenly, or if your baby is acting differently than normal. If you ( or your child ):

Adults and children who have refractory complex partial seizures ( CPS) who have not responded well enough to a number of different therapies and if the potential benefits outweigh the risk of vision loss, can use SABRIL (vigabatrin ) as a prescription medication along with various other treatments.

Weight gain is one of SABRIL’s most common side effects for children between the ages of 3 and 16 years old. You might just be able to see things right in front of you with severe vision lost (occasionally known as “tunnel vision” ). With any number of SABRIL, you run the risk of losing your vision.

If you are expecting or plan to get expecting, advise your healthcare services company. Your doctor might decide to recommend SABRIL, but they wo n’t be able to determine whether any vision loss has been found. Your doctor may stop prescribing SABRIL for you ( or your child ) if vision exams are routinely halted.

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