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Show your care provider if your child ( or your child ): may not be viewing as well as they did before SABRIL, start traveling, meeting items, or are more stupid than the usual vigabatrin 500mg company name, are stunned by things or people coming in front of you that seem to come out of nothing, or if your child is acting differently than the norm.

SABRIL (vigabatrin ) is a prescription medication prescribed to adults and children 2 years and older who have refractory complicated partial seizures ( CPS) and who have not responded to many other medications if the benefits are more likely than the risk of vision loss.

Your healthcare provider should check your ( or your child’s ) vision at least every three months before SABRIL starts, at least every four weeks after SABRIL is started, and at least every three months thereafter until SABRIL is stopped. Tell your doctor if you or your child has any unintended consequences that trouble you or do n’t go away.

If convulsions get worse, inform your medical provider right away. You and your health provider will have to make a decision about whether you should consider SABRIL while you are expecting. One of the most common side effects of SABRIL in adults consist of: obscured vision, drowsiness, lightheadedness, troubles strolling or feeling unskillful, shaking ( trembling ), and fatigue.

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